Thursday, 30 January 2014

Gone With The Wind!

Today i went around town, to the shops (AGAIN!) and i bought something too! :) I bought a floral jacket, which i will show you soon! Then i met up with my friends for coffee and then we went home and watched a movie!
I'm wearing top from Topshop/ skirt from Zara/ shoes from Simmis/ sunglasses from Prada/ clutch from Accessorize

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

New Year, New Hair, New Me!

I dyed my hair again! This time I dyed it a bit lighter than last time, and i LOVE IT!! The colour did not come out the way i expected it to be but I like it how it came out! The colour is not so bright, it's because i edited the pictures, but it's sort of that colour.
I'm wearing jumper and skirt from Primark/ pixie boots from an Outlet/ clutch from Accessorize


Friday, 24 January 2014

Take Me Back!!

I haven't been well this last few days so i haven't been anywhere to post any outfits! These pictures are from last summer 2013! I went to a pool party with my friends! It was so much fun! I can't wait for this summer to start!
I'm wearing long shirt as a dress from Zara/ high-waisted bikini pants from Topshop.

And my silly friends... ;p

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

Went shopping AGAIN! I can't get enough of it! Anyways i only bought a clutch bag this time ;p I'm doing well!
I'm wearing top from Topshop/ leggings from Zara/ jacket from River Island/ shoes from Dorothy Perkins/ vintage clutch/ sunglasses from Prada

Monday, 20 January 2014

Fashion Inspo..

As you might think, I don't find my outfits all by my self i get inspired by different bloggers i follow! But the main blogger i follow and LOVE is a famous Swedish blogger Angelica Blick.  is a 22 year old fashionista from Link√∂ping, living in Stockholm. She is an award-winning blogger, designer and stylist. You can find her at
These are a few of my favorite outfits but there is more...

 Photos by:

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Live with no excuses and love with no regrets

Yesterday i went to Larnaca, were all the shops are with my sis and mum!
I'm wearing top and bag from Primark/ leather dungarees from Topshop/ shoes from Simmi/cardigan from Lipsy/ sunglasses from Kurt Geiger.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

I've Got The Blues...

I went into town today, I had things to get and i had to pick my sister from school.
I'm wearing blue top from Bershka/ jacket from Stradivarius/ jeans from Topshop/nike shoes from Footlocker/beanie from Boy London/ bag from Primark/sunglasses from Kurt Geiger.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Loosing Sleep

Mixing my prints!

Today I'm going down town and then I'm going to meet up with my friends! Nothing special today just an ordinary day!
I'm wearing top from Rihanna for River Island/ high-waisted leggins from Zara/ nike shoes from Footlocker/ bag from Primark/ sunglasses from Kurt Geiger/necklace from Matalan.