Tuesday, 14 April 2015

"Walls don't Fall without Effort"

Today's post is all about Grunge! The grungy look! I think this look describes more than any other type of style. I can play around with different accessories! You always have to wear dark colors to get that specific look but I love the end results. 

Definition of the Grunge Look:
Grunge is epitomised in bands like Nirvana. It conveys an "I don't give a fuck" attitude. It is loosely tied in with rock and punk, but stands as it's own genre of music and style of dress. Instead of going out of their way to be the opposite of a "conformist", people with grunge style simply don't participate. Its like "who gives a damn what I'm wearing" look.

leather playsuit worn as shorts from Zara
checked shirt from River Island
belt from Moschino
boots from Primark
bag from Aldo
sunglasses from Aldo

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